Meet Our Doc's

Charles Wilson
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Growing up, Dr. Wilson enjoyed visiting his pediatric dentist (he says the words “cool” and “chill” come to mind). To this day, children are his favorite patients!

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When he isn’t at work, Dr. Wilson has his own podcast called “The Disillusioned Dentist,” targeted towards recent dental school graduates and covering the ins and outs of practice ownership.

He also enjoys playing indoor soccer at the Inwood Soccer Center in Addison and is a self-proclaimed foodie.

Lara Wong
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Dr. Lara always wanted to work in the healthcare field, but it wasn’t until she shadowed a few different dentists that she developed her love of caring for people's oral health

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 Because she likes helping people view going to the dentist more positively, her favorite patients are those with high dental anxiety, who may have had traumatic treatment experiences in the past.

As a new mom, Dr. Lara says that her favorite hobby is no longer tennis, but spending time with her beautiful newborn baby.