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Welcome to the Northwest Family Dental Center Website. WE are located conveniently just North of the Heights and are here to serve the community and surrounding areas. We welcome you as a new patient or as an existing patient and hope to have better communication through our website and social media. Come one come all to the Northwest Family Dental Center. 

New Patients Welcome!



First things first, careful oral examination by our Northwest Family dentist, who will who will examine for tooth decay, gum disease and other things that can affect not just your mouth, but your overall health. Then you will discuss treatments and treatment plans that would best benefit you on the budget and schedule that will work for you and your family. 

A teeth cleaning on the first visit is not out of the question, or it may be scheduled for a follow-up visit in the upcoming weeks. WE will be with you from start to finish, for optimum smile we will need you to schedule at least 2 hours of your time for this process to be successful. 


Let’s make sure your visit is a breeze. Don’t forget to bring:

  • Dental X-rays from the last six months.

  • We can take X-rays if you don’t have them.

  • Your medical and dental history info, including any medications you’re taking

  • Your dental insurance card (if you have insurance)

  • Your parent if you’re under 18 (or if you’re over 18, but just want the company)

Want to get a head start on the forms ahead of time? You can download them to the left of this page and print and complete them at home.


Come on in and ask about our Consultation Services for you and your better oral hygiene. 

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Our Skilled Staff
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Even in the most crucial of times our staff knows the sensitivity of just where it hurts. 

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Our commitment to providing patients with the highest quality dental care starts with the dentists in each of our clinics. Our licensed and board certified dentists come from the most recognized dental schools in the country.

Our continued training ensures we offer our patients the most up-to-date treatments using state-of-the-art equipment and materials.

Our dentists focus solely on quality patient care, serving more than 200,000 families each year. We provide our dentists with highly qualified registered dental assistants, as well as office staff that provide administrative services.

An Apple a Day......
An Apple a Day...... more_vert

may keep the dentist away. Dietary habits of schoolchildren encourage an increase in sugar intake leading to a greater risk of cavities, reports the Academy of General Dentistry.

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The easiest way parents can help children prevent tooth decay and cavities at school is to monitor their eating habits. For example, parents can offer their children healthy snack alternatives, such as apples, bite-size carrots or other foods that are naturally sweet, and instruct children to avoid candies, chocolate, caramels, chocolate milk and other foods that contain refined sugar. Cavity-causing organisms feed on sugar and turn it into acid, which attacks tooth enamel and causes tooth decay. Sticky, chewy candy especially can linger on teeth throughout the day. If children do happen to eat sugary snacks at lunch, they should brush and rinse with water or eat a piece of fruit to help clean teeth surfaces and gums.

Staff and Doctors
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Our Doctors and Staff are here to serve you and the Nortwest Dental Center is going to keep you on track in 2019.

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With dental providers ranging from pre-doctoral students to faculty who provide expert care to the general public, dental care from NorthWest Family Dentistry is offered in numerous settings throughout South Texas.

Ready to make an appointment? We can help you find the service you need.

Tips and Tricks for a Healthy, Pretty Smile

Regular Cleaning
Regular Cleaning

We keep you scheduled, and do our follow ups to make sure you maintain a healthy balance. 

6 Month Cleanings
6 Month Cleanings

Every 6 months we need to see you....Not for us....But for You!


The newest in technology is the best for your needs, just ask. 

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Schedule Today

Schedule today with Northwest Dentals new APP and scheduling system.